Therapeutic Intensives

Get unstuck. Overcome hurdles. Move forward.

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Tailored Therapeutic Intensives for Individuals, Couples & Families

How can a Sage Hill Counseling Therapeutic Intensive be helpful?

Sometimes in life we get stuck or need a push getting started. At times like these, intensive short-term therapy can help you overcome what is keeping you from the growth and healing you desire and gain new momentum in your recovery process.

The 4-step process

Our process helps design an experience that is tailored to your specific needs to help you get the most you can from the time. There are 4 primary components:


The process starts with an in-depth conversation to evaluate if the therapeutic intensive is suitable to meet your desired outcome. This is also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about the process and to preliminarily schedule dates for the intensive. This discussion usually takes place via phone but can be scheduled in person.


The next step is a thorough interview so that your therapist can understand your story and begin to focus on what can be accomplished during the intensive. With couples and families, there are multiple therapeutic interviews (one with each person participating in the intensive). Like the assessment, this discussion usually takes place via phone but can be scheduled in person.


The primary part of the intensive allows you to explore in depth and uninterrupted the issues you are addressing. Each intensive is uniquely designed to the specific needs of the participants, and the schedule is flexible. Typically, intensives last 9 hours (1 1/2 days).


A conversation is set up for 1-2 weeks later to touch base and discuss any follow up questions or concerns that may have come up following the intensive time.

My therapist invited me to embark on the courageous journey of knowing my story and learning to live fully through feeling deeply and telling the truth boldly.

“I look forward to reading my newsletter every week. It keeps me in touch with what’s going on inside myself, which I really need.”