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Authentic relationship is the greatest change agent we have.

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The problem

Relationships are hard. We’ve all been hurt deeply by someone in our lives, yet we can only experience healing through relationship.

Authentic relationship is the greatest change agent we have to help rediscover who we are made to be. It equips and encourages us to do what we are made to do.

The process

We offer therapy groups for men, women and couples. Groups involve one or more of our trained facilitators that work to process life’s struggles and our stories in a group of peers who have a common desire–to grow and heal the heart.

Group sizes vary from 6-8 people and meet weekly. We have short-term and ongoing groups available.

The promise

Groups at Sage Hill provide support, encouragement and hope. Our unique process using the wisdom of the Spiritual Root System™ and the viability of The Eight Feelings™ helps you gain valuable personal insight and allows you to learn better ways to handle relationships in and outside the group setting. Surprisingly enough, weekly group therapy can aid in relieving stress.

Group is a safe place where I can tell my story. In telling my story, I can work through the feelings associated with it and confront the lies I believe about myself.

“I look forward to reading my newsletter every week. It keeps me in touch with what’s going on inside myself, which I really need.”